You cannot visit London and not make your way to Paris. It doesn’t work like that and is completely un-natural. Paris is literally 2hrs away by train and even shorter by flight. During my Euro tour, these two cities were a must and literally the two main destinations.

I’ve always thought of visiting Paris in the winter time. Pictures and aesthetics wise, it just made sense in my head. Also the foodie that I am, I was eager and very excited to visit the cuisine capital. Paris is the capital of France. Just like London, it is a major European city and a global center for art, fashion,  and culture. Known for its major landmark like the Eiffel Tower and the 12th-century Gothic Notre-Dame cathedral, the city is known for its cafe culture and designer boutiques along the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. Continue reading “PARIS 🇫🇷”

Afro Flava😋👅💦

As I sit down and reflect from the last time I wrote to ya’ll, a lot has quite happened. I mean from dating to finding a job, there’s been quite a personal growth.  I recently just got a job as a server at a pretty descent restaurant. Others would call it a classy, high-end but yet affordable.  Having worked in the restaurant business before, this was one thing I’ve always shied away from. Getting the three/four dollars an hour is not a conversation one looks forward to hearing especially when you’re in desperate need of fast cash. Now that I am in the industry and knowing what servers go through, it all makes sense. (Future blog post)

Anyways, so ya’ll remember my Instagram food page that I started a few weeks ago? (@Afro_flava) well let’s just say it’s been great so far. What started out as a platform for showcasing my love for food, quickly overturned to a possible business venture.

Not going to lie but all this happened so fast, it still feels like a dream. They say it happens when you least expect it. It all started when one of my good friends had asked me to make her a meal prep (this was when I was struggling to find a job). She offered to buy the main ingredients and pay me $50.00.

At first it seemed like a side hustle but mostly just helping out a friend. Besides I cook all the time on social media so it really didn’t seem much to me. After her reaction of the master piece that I prepared for her, I decided to kinda venture and look for more folks who will be willing to pay for a meal prep.​

We’re living in a time where fitness is a trend and all that comes with it (food, fashion, beauty) has become a day to day lifestyle. I believe this is an un-tapped market area so why not be smart and take a risk in this possible business.​

​I never imagined I will be my own boss, yet again we also never thought Trump would be president. Thus far I’ve gotten a couple of clients here and there but haven’t really gotten a loyal clientele yet. As crazy as it sounds, I feel like maybe this could be the start of something big.

I officially want to introduce you to Afro Flava. A food and beverage company that is dedicated to exploring the art of food and different ways to exciting ones taste buds by catering meal preps.

Mama Africa🌍

Mama Africa🌍

There’s nothing like the real taste of the mother land unless you’ve visited “The Africa Cafè”.

Last night I Got to go out for dinner to a local cafe located in the heart of Cape Town. Just like the name, they only serve African delicacies ranging not only from South Africa but from other African countries around the continent.

As soon you walk through the door, you can’t help but fall in love with the African print wall pattern and the chandelier made exclusively of beads and bottles. From the dress code of the staff to the painting of their faces, your completely merged into the African vibes exuding from the energy of the restaurant. 

Honestly this is a one stop destination that everybody needs to visit if you ever travel to Cape Town, SA. It’s an all buffet style which I love but with a different menu every season.

Your served an appetizer and 3 main courses (take a minute to let it sink in) including desert and an option of tea at the end.  Whatever dish you end up liking you have the option to get as many rounds as you want. Remember it’s a buffet.

I normally eat African food on the regular but this definitely took it to a whole different level. From the decor of the restaurant to the serving of the meals, everything was exceptionally well presented. Also the fruit cocktails served are completely to die for especially the fact that the bar tender is very generouse, if you know what I mean.😜

Apart from the face painting offered as you feast on your meal,the waiters and waitresses entertain you with traditional South African tunes that you can’t help but get into it.

It was a truly great experience which I must say, I will have to visit again during my time here. Make sure to Check it out if you can. You wount be disappointed.