They say that love makes you blind. Well I was as blind as a Bat.

We do a lot of things when in love. For me I wrote a love letter. Sharing this part of my vulnerability with ya’ll is not only therapeutic for me but a form of forgiveness. Not only to myself for being so naïve but to the one that broke my heart.

When I wrote this love letter, it was to not only try save our relationship at the time but to also prove myself to this individual. Of course, we still broke up but Looking back I am still not exactly sure how I feel. I have never been this vulnerable and the one time I did, it left me heart broken.

Take a sit back and enjoy an excerpt of what I believe could have been my vows.

“The past 6 months have been the best times of my life. (And I am honestly not just saying that) Getting to know you and experiencing this thing called love has been the best adventure. You’ve taught me a lot, inspired me to be a better human being but most of all, showed me what real genuine love feels like.

I have not experienced many relationships before and technically this is my first. Some would say I am just head over heels and deeply in love because it’s my first rodeo. I beg to differ because I know I am one of the lucky ones who found their soulmates on the first try. All this is because you are an answered prayer. Due to this, I may tend to rush different aspects of our relationship because I am so clear and confident in you and our relationship.

I am aware you’ve been hurt really bad and bruised in the past. Your heart has been broken and shattered to many pieces several times from Your past relationships. Your ex’s have either manipulated you, used you and even taken advantage of you to some extent. You have been exposed to toxic and evil people around you that I would never wish on my worst enemy.

I may not know exactly the pain that you’ve been through, but I do know it has greatly affected you. I know your scared, tired and afraid to put yourself out there again. You are tired of the constant disappointment. What you are going through now are the side effects of all that bullshit.

First and foremost, I would like to apologize because I sometimes I forget all of these and I have expected certain things from you in our relationship when clearly you are still healing and working on yourself.

I am here to tell you and show you that you deserved to be loved, appreciated and be treated like the good soul that you are. All the wrong doings that your exes did, I am here to correct them and pick up the broken pieces. When the weight of the world is on your shoulders, I want to be the one to take away the pain. Through the storm, the sun will always still shine because I will be by your side.

I remember I once told you that I will be hear for you as you heal and embark on the journey of self-love. Allow me to show you what real love should look like and feel like.  Just like how you have shown me. I promise to be with you through the Good and bad times. No one said this was going to be easy or this hard, but I will fight for us and for the both of us if needed be. I am not perfect and might fuck up here and there, but I promise you that my intentions will always mean well and will always do right by you.

I love you And I will patiently wait for you. I promise to protect you and will never break your heart. All I ask is to please try and give us a chance.

With Love Victor.”

XO XO 😘❤️