To others, the mere thought of Kenya is just another travel destination on the bucket list or another passport stamp. For me, it was another opportunity to reconnect with my roots and another chance to remind myself exactly where I came from.

This was my second time to visit Kenya ever since I migrated to the states. (check out my first post of the first time I went back to KENYA). This time round was also special because I saved every dime for this trip to finally go back home. This gave me so much liberation to do exactly what I want and when to. For my fellow African diasporants, yall know what I mean. Every time we visit back home, there are certain obligations that are expected from us. what makes it worse, is the limited amount of time one has to fulfill those obligations while trying to make the most out of your trip. But now that I was going independently and not relying on my parents whatsoever, gave me more freedom and a good reason to only do the things that mattered to me. Aside from reconnecting with family and old friends, your boy was actually doing some adulting things. (upcoming post)

Apart from the warm tropical weather that I had really missed, Nairobi, also known as ‘the city under the sun‘ introduced me to a whole other world. From the social lifestyle to the luxuries and the hustle and grind that Kenyans especially the youth, are currently doing to survive in this one of a kind city. I also had the pleasure of staying with my cousins who live right in the city (S/O to Madaraka). This not only cut the the costs for me significantly but I had access to everything.

For those who haven’t gotten a chance to visit this beautiful country, let me tell you exactly what you are missing out. Kenya is one of the East African countries that is known for its endless savannah, vast wildlife diversity as well as its coastal beaches. As much as I would like to take the credit, I think African Mecca Safaris explains it way better than I would. Among many other things that this gem of a country has to offer, you cannot help but get absorbed by the culture. This ranges both traditionally from all the 52 tribes found in the country to the fast paced city life that Nairobi which is the capital city, has made an impact regionally and within Africa as a whole.

Being the foodie that I am, I was on a mission to experience all the restaurants in Nairobi. Every hyped restaurant that I had seen socialites like Mandi Sarro and Jay take a pic rave about, were number one on the itenary. Calorie counts and conscious weight gain was the least of my problems. From the street food to the fine dining my little budget could afford, my tastebuds had orgasms on the regular. My obsession with avocados were fully satisfied by having it with every meal I consumed. The luxury of having happy hour at major hot spots with rooftop views everyday of the week, definitely took a toll on my liver but no regrets whatsoever. Some might actually argue that I was truly living my best life.

I was in Kenya for about a month. Although I was only in Nairobi, it didn’t change the fact that I got to do so much stuff which I didn’t get to do last time I visited. The night life scene definitely proved to me why Kenyans are known for our huge consumption of alcohol. Come rain or sunshine we will always find a reason to have a drink. Clubbing on a monday is never heard off until you are in Kenya.

I found it very easy to mannouver around the city and to visit all this locations, ofcourse with the help of friends and family. I also had an advantage which is never the case due to the fact that I could speak the language/slang and that I once resided in Kenya. I must say that these time round I was a bit bougie with my form of transportation as I only used Uber or the motor bike rides otherwise known as ‘Boda, Boda’ or ‘Nduthi‘ when I felt daring and spontaneos.

All in all this was the exact break I needed. Reuniting with family, childhood friends and forming new relationships played a significant role in this trip. Those that I connected with and bonded on such a deeper level were the best part of the trip. Just as life was beginning to feel regular and I was not a tourist/visitor anymore, It was time for me to go back to reality. I never cry but leaving home was a one of kind heart break.

If you didn’t keep up with me on social media, attached below is the visual aspect of the whole trip. Make sure to share, subscribe and comment. Thanks for stopping by.

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