The thought of traveling to Tanzania is still a laughable joke. It was so spontaneous, I am very surprised with the turn that it took (Of course in a good way).

Initially, the plan was to visit Kigali in Rwanda. I mean we started planning this trip all the way in October of last year (2018). Ever since we had a lay over in Rwanda back in 2016 en-route to Dubai, we instantly fell in love and knew that this was a city that had to be added to the bucket list.

The whole purpose of the trip was to celebrate my best friends 25th birthday. Y’all also know her as my travel buddy. With the crazy winter that we’ve had this year , a tropical trip to somewhere warm was very much needed. With unavoidable circumstances like costs and everybody else’s schedules, the Kigali trip wasn’t looking like it would have happened and that’s how travelling to Tanzania became the alternate option.

Originally being from Kenya, I have never visited any of the East African countries so either way, it was gonna be an adventure regardless and a new passport stamp.

Tanzania is one of the East African countries that is known for its vast wilderness areas. The plains of Serengeti National Park and Kilimanjaro National Park which is home to Africa’s highest mountain, Mt Kilimanjaro. Tanzania is also known for its Offshore tropical islands of Zanzibar which has been named one of the top places to visit in the world by Trip advisor.

As much as Zanzibar is a dream destination for us, it wasn’t within the budget. The fact that we also wanted to be completely immersed in the culture, it made sense to make Dare-salaam our destination. It’s Less touristy and way much cheaper than staying at a resort in Zanzibar.

The crew for this trip included Natalie my bff, and Sandra and Pauline who I met in South Africa way back when. Pauline who is half Tanzanian was the plug. She and her cousin would show us around and educate us on the local culture. For the last few trips I have visited, it’s always been a blessing having friends who live in the area get to show you around. Not only is it cheaper but your guaranteed the full experience of the destination. So for me this was major having Pauline around.

Traveling to Tanzania, a visa is required with the USA passport but if you have a Kenyan, South African or East African passport, your all set. For any other passports one can also google before hand. Luckily my Kenyan passport hadn’t expired and that’s what I used. Also getting into TZ, a yellow fever card is required unless your arriving straight from abroad (any of the 1st world countries). But as long as your coming from any other African country, (not sure the exact specifics) you must show the yellow fever card upon arrival.

It takes a second to get used to the climate and culture. First of all the humidity hits you as soon as the plane lands. And no am not exaggerating. Either the pilot turned off the AC  as soon as we landed but all I know it was hot! Tanzanians are also very soft spoken and very polite. You can also see these in their movements. For some they might say Tanzanians are slow but I saw it as them taking their time in everything they do. So if you do decide to eat at a restaurant don’t be in a rush.

As usual we preferred staying at an Airbnb which was very comfortable but did not have WiFi. Just so you know this is completely normal. According to Pauline, folks actually chose not to have WiFi for whatever reasons. To stay connected, we each had to get a local sim-card and buy data. Also one thing to keep in mind most Airbnb’s, one has to pay extra cost for electricity. So yes TZ is a little bit behind but nevertheless still cute.

For me this trip, I was mostly unplugged (Others might beg to differ but it’s my blog…lol). I got to enjoy sleeping in, eating local street food and Of course the hot weather while on the beach. Everything is close by and very affordable. For transportation we used local taxis, Uber and even Tuk Tuk also locally known as ‘Bajaji’ .

As you know I am keen on enjoying every scene a destination has to offer. For Natalie’s bday we went clubbing to one of the most elite clubs in Dar and it was LIT. The fact that they had AC, I was completely sold.

We also got to visit Bongoyo island for the day. One thing about Dar it’s surrounded by a couple of islands. So if your looking for that clear blue water that everybody goes to Zanzibar for, you can easily get that by visiting any of the islands close by.

Overall Tanzania πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡Ώ was checked off the bucket list and will only visit again if I am going to Zanzibar. You can always check out my highlight reel on my IG page and get the full visual story.

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