Come through 2019. This year started off on such a high and positive note. Y’all know that traveling has always been my thing and by the time this trip came about, it felt like I was caged for way too long.

I spent my last days of 2018 and my first few days of 2019 living it up across the pond. I was fortunate enough to make my way to London during my first Europe tour and words cannot even describe how amazing it was.

London has been a dream destination for as long as I can remember and to be able to visit this 21st century through my hard work was a dream come true. ItΒ is often considered as the world’s leading global city. known for its impactΒ on the arts, education, entertainment, fashion, finance and healthcare, its one of the most visited cities. It is literally the NewYork of England and Europe.

I have a cousin and a couple of friends who live in London and outside London. I knew without a doubt that they were going to be my tour guide. Aside from visiting this gorgeous city, I was also going to reconnect with an old time friend.

Sandra and I go way back. She was one of my childhood friends and we also went to the same middle school back in Kenya. #Consolatadays

who I remember as the shy yet smart and a very put together individual, is exactly who I met after 20years since we last saw each other. Only this time, I met a young lady who’s not only grown into her beauty both in and out but a woman whose liberated herself into her glory. Not gonna lie but Sandra is the epitome of who I want to be when I grow up. Y’all know I am still childish and petty but that’s besides the point. In all honesty, I am still amazed and honored that I can call Sandra a friend. I first reconnected with Sandra over social media over the years and that’s how we kept in touch. What I thought was only gonna be a coffee or maybe even a lunch date to re-connect and catch up, ended up being a whole reunion vacation that allowed us to get to know each other all over again as adults.

Come to think of it, the best part of the trip was mostly because of the company I was with.

England was so good to me, I would not mind moving there. I know I say this all the time with literally every place I have visited but the fact of the matter still remains that my heart is a wanderer and I will not settle till I move to my destined place. Β On the real though, this had to be the most expensive trip I have ever planned. I mean all the places I have traveled to internationally, the dollar has always worked in my favor and I guess that’s why it took me a long time to make my way to Europe.

Here are some quick tips if you are also planning to travel across the pond. First of all, give yourself at least a week if you dare visit. This way you can get to at least experience the culture and the city fully. We did all the things we had set out to do which has never happened when I go on vacation. Of course with a huge help from Sandra who happened to know the city in and out. The highlights were definitely the nightlife, the culture and experiencing the British tea in the afternoon. This is aside from all the touristy stuff. (London eye, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace etc). You can check this out on my Instagram page within the highlight section because I documented everything.{@Victor_4realzz}For accommodation, Airbnb was the better and cheaper option. london has a good public transportation system and that’s all we used. Ubers are hella expensive so don’t even bother. Another quick tip is if you can set up a contactless payment either on your phone through your debit card, it is so much easier and cheaper as well.London farewell but your boy will be back!

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