Dreaming is believing 

The thought of studying abroad has always been something I have always wanted to do but never imagined in a million years it would turn out like this.

It was through my senior year of high school, when I was visiting colleges that I got to know of this opportunity. Since then, it became one of the priorities that helped me in deciding what college to attend. Long story short, no one told me that it all comes down to money and what school that offers the best for your course of study. 

Within my first and second year of college, I did try to persue study abroad within my school but it wasn’t really encouraged because of the intense course and practicum, that one has to take in the Electronic Journalism Department (Broadcast Journalism). So I kind of gave up on the whole idea.

It was until early this year towards the end of my junior year, where I was really fed up with school and even thought of taking a semester off or even take classes at a community college and get the credits transferred. For those of you who can relate, it gets to a point during your college career where you kind of re-evaluate your life. Meaning you start questioning if your in the right field of study or if your even going to make it through college. Let’s just say I was at that stage. Also, I go to a really small school in the middle of no where with only a population of less than 2000; so you can imagine my state of mind.  

Call it ‘senioritis’ but I knew I needed some type of change or some type of renewed motivation/perspective before I step into the real world.🌍🌏🌎

Thank God for my roommate who brought up the idea of study abroad and before I knew it, she talked me into it. 

Now don’t get me wrong because the process wasn’t easy but it did test me and I guess how I bad I really wanted it. You see I am not a quitter but I am not afraid to give up on things or even irrelevant relationships. (Can be an advantage or a disadvantage). 

Great support from close friends really did push me through. Even a little inspiration from one of my best friends who I consider well travelled played a part. 

All in all I didn’t just pick up and go. It was a lot of self discovery, hardwork, patience, and a lot of  prayer. They didn’t lie when they said, “it happens when you least expect it.”This being my first big travel adventure, I am so looking forward for more. Remember it’s all in the first step and you too can do it. 

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